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The independent collective

Welcome to friendmade.fm. The first online, international contemporary art platform, with a collection made & curated by befriended artists.

friendmade® connects artists, freelancers and artistic talents. To each other and to you! We challenge artists to go beyond their everyday portfolio and help them showcase, sell and market their art through innovative products and services. As a platform we help them join forces and together redefine the borders between design and art as an independent collective.

By having our artists curate our collection in online collective votings, at any time we can offer you the latest, contemporary, honest art, straight from the source. By selecting our manufacturing partners carefully, we guarantee products of the highest quality.

Welcome to your artistic habitat!

Why we founded friendmade®

friendmade® was founded in 2018, based on the ideas of CEO & artist Stijn van der Pol. The main purpose of friendmade® is to bridge the gap between talented, unknown artists and the art loving public through creative, innovative concepts and with fair, beautiful products. We wanted to create a setting where upcoming artists can join forces, are treated fairly and collectively have a voice. A platform where artists are stimulated and challenged to create their most authentic art, without being interfered in the artistic process. A brand where not curators, but artists decide what is creative and contemporary. A label that stands for true creativity.

What is friendmade®?

friendmade® is the place to discover both upcoming and established, truly contemporary, creative artists. Photographers, illustrators, painters, poets and others. Unlike any other online art gallery, friendmade® is 100% artist-driven. Through artist-to-artist invitations and online votings not us, but our artists decide what artists become part of friendmade®. This way we are able to, at any time, offer you truly contemporary, creative and high quality art, curated by artists.

Curated by artists? What does that mean?

It is our goal to offer you undiscovered, truly creative, 100 % contemporary art. But who is to decide what is creative? Or contemporary? We believe this choice is best made by creatives themselves. That is why we ask our artists to do the curation. Through artist-to-artist invitations they help us discover the undiscovered. In online votings they collectively curate the most creative art, and thereby define the friendmade® style and collection. Our view on truly contemporary art.

What art does friendmade® offer?

friendmade® offers art from artists in many disciplines. Photography, illustration, painting, digital art, collage art, fineart, poetry and other fine arts. Browse through our friendmade® collection to find art from established artists and professional creatives or visit the friendmade® academy to find talented artists. As all our art is curated by artists, we promise our artworks to be creative and of high quality.

What products does friendmade® offer?

Friendmade offers a variety of Wall Art and Design products. All our products are developed in the highest quality and in cooperation with our Artists. More info on our Wall Art products can be found here.

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friendmade® offers contemporary, authentic art, selected by artists. Through an artist-to-artist invitation system, and with ongoing collective votings, not we, but our artists, together define the everchanging friendmade® style and collection.
No Curator. Just art!

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