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Welcome to friendmade.fm. The first online, international contemporary art platform, with a collection made & curated by befriended artists. Friendmade® challenges creatives to create art, free from boundaries. We offer artists a platform to present & sell their art and invite them the opportunity to be part of an organically growing, active art collective.

By having our art democratically curated by artists themselves we are able to at any time offer you the latest, contemporary, honest art, straight from the source. By selecting our manufacturing partners carefully, we guarantee products of the highest quality.

Next to bringing art into living rooms around Europe, friendmade® also operates as an international online art studio. With various artists and creative partners, we develop art concepts and offer art products and services for companies worldwide.

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friendmade® offers contemporary, authentic art, selected by artists. Through an artist-to-artist invitation system, and with ongoing collective democratic votings, not we, but our artists, together define the everchanging friendmade® style and collection.

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