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Anjan Ghosh


Capturing the main essence of india through its rural and semi-urban life.

“It is fun clicking someone you do not know. So what if you know them? You might be interested in the subjunctive, but, you need an instantaneous insight to create a circumstance so that you juxtapose your subject against that faded backdrop. It’s not a memory. It is encountering the awkwardness of life surrounded by insipid, pointless and miserable. Does it serve the purpose? No, no idea. But it is not always awkwardness, it is love; love which has never been tested. What do we know about love? What do we know about life? Never mind, life exists and love exists too. Strange, but as time passes love is used as an investigative tool to discover life.”

After finishing art college in 1995, Anjan Ghosh started his professional career in photography. Over the last 10 years he has made it his journey to research and find the true essence of India – an essence that according to Anjan, comes out from the rural areas, that makes the country unique among other countries. “My intention is to search this uniqueness and produce them on the global platform. Urbanisation is swallowing down our daily life style in a rapid pace. Yet, the Indian villages are competing with this urbanisation in a positive way for a long time.”

Anjan, working and living in Kolkata, India, goes to the interiors of his state (West Bengal) and literally ‘researches’ the village life style, and “if the need be, take a few snaps”. In this work he tries to capture only those moments of a village or a rural life, which would bring out the hardcore truth about the subject.

“Sometimes, I have to face challenges to get the required snaps. My intention is not to show poverty or the poorness of Indian villages, but to portray something which would eventually come in aid of the rural people. And the good news is, I am getting support in this regard. It is slow, but a steady process! “

A few of Anjan’s like-minded friends are becoming aware of his intention, and are showing interest to take some positive actions. ”We have taken a pledge that by this, if we can at least try to ‘change’ the life of one family in any part of our state; or in India, we would be greatly obliged. And by doing this, if we can ask or request the government to take some positive actions to change the condition of the village for the better, it would be a great achievement for us.” 

Anjan is an optimistic person, hoping and believing that in the near future, more people would be interested in this endeavour, and aiming to promote photography uniqueness on a global platform. Welcome at friendmade®!

Anjan greatest inspirators are Steve McCurry, Raghu Rai & Sebastiao Salgado.

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