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How does it work?

Friendmade® in short
Friendmade® is all about helping you bring your art to artlovers and about helping them find the most creative and contemporary art on the market. Art is emotion. An expression that leaves an impression. A simple message of beauty or a disruptive barer of opinion. It is personal. It is subjective. It is a matter of taste. The taste of its creator and that of its observer and possibly buyer. In friendmade® we connect these two together.

Make friends. Create art
Friendmade® is a label, a brand, a frame; an organically changing platform of which YOU define the style by creating art and by making friends. By offering your art, you cocreate the friendmade® collection. By inviting your friends and favorite artists and by participating in our regular votings, you codefine the collective friendmade® style.

No curator needed
By inviting friends and by taking part in votings, you express your taste in art. Your friendmade® profile will be linked with the profiles of each artist you invited or voted for. As you get connected more within friendmade®, your taste becomes more visible to online visitors, who can now browse art by taste. No curator needed!

Full service
With a small team of professionals, we combine a solid experience in design, creative thinking, marketing and sales; all the ingredients to help you sell your art. All you need to do is to upload your art and to tell us your desired printing methods. We’ll take it from there; we’ll set up your shop, we’ll create your product images, we’ll advertise online, offline and in social media … all the way to selling your art to consumers and businesses!

Quality prints, innovative services
What does friendmade® actually sell? Friendmade® offers your art to consumers as beautiful high quality fineart prints: posters, dibond prints, acrylic prints, framed fineart prints and more. All these products are printed and produced in the highest possible quality by Sander Fineart Studio in Cologne, Germany. All our frames are made by premium quality frame maker Halbe® in Kirchen, Germany. Next to selling prints, we have created smart, innovative services such as our friendmade® interior art service and our artvertising concept, to sell your art to businesses.

Fair earnings
At friendmade® we believe in openness and in sharing fairly. You create the art. We sell it. Two equally important codepending qualities that need each other for success. That is why we share the profits on each artwork sold 50/50! For each product we sell, we have calculated a fixed base price (FBP) that includes production, branding, packaging and some minor costs per sale. For each sale your winnings (WIN) are defined as a part of the netto sales price (NSP) as followed. WIN = (NSP-FBP)/2

Join friendmade®
Friendmade is a closed network of artists. There’s two ways in which you can join:

1) Get invited by a friend.
Each of our curating artists can invite other artists to join friendmade®. Are you invited to join, you will have the opportunity to upload three of your best works. These works will be send to three randomly selected artists from our network, who are than directly invited to review your art and to vote if you can join friendmade. Do at least two out of three friends vote in favor of you joining, then you are in.

2) Participate in an online curation round.
All through the year we invite artists to introduce themselves to us, by sending us their best work. Every four months an online curation round takes place. After the curation round’s deadline date, all artworks applied in the curation period will be presented to all our friendmade® artists for a collective voting. The artists most voted for are invited to join friendmade.

Go upload your three best works and introduce yourself to our curating friends! We will contact you no later than after the votes for the current Curation Round are collected. Good luck!

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friendmade® offers contemporary, authentic art, selected by artists. Through an artist-to-artist invitation system, and with ongoing collective votings, not we, but our artists, together define the everchanging friendmade® style and collection.
No Curator. Just art!

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