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Welcome to 2020, where companies have become brands and advertising has become story telling. In this age of influencer marketing versus conscious consumerism, we’d like to take advertising to the next level and introduce you to the new way of exposing your brand and selling your product. We call it ARTvertising!

High product quality and service have become market standards. Your new unique selling point is your brand’s identity. So let us help you to express your company’s character in a unique new way. Creative, socially conscious and real.

Friendmade® invites you to express your brand values with art. Here’s how it works: On our platform we ask our artists to share their ideas for future art projects with us. You, as a company, can help your favourite friendmade® artist realize his future art project, by (co-)financing it. Friendmade® will assist the artist and guide the process.

During the creation period, we’ll have other professional artists from our network capture the process, which will result in a unique documentation of the creation process that then becomes… your artvertising material.
Imagine a making-off video, a poster campaign or even a new trade show booth, with real art, supported by you.
A true story to tell your existing and new-found customers.


made by~

friendmade® offers contemporary, authentic art, selected by artists. Through an artist-to-artist invitation system, and with ongoing collective votings, not we, but our artists, together define the everchanging friendmade® style and collection.
No Curator. Just art!

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