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Claudia Rison

ABOUT Claudia

"People will often tell you to get your head out of the clouds. I won't. The view is much better from here."

Claudia Rison is an entrepreneur, dreamer and sunset chaser. Caring about nature, human connection, and fascinated by the influencing power of media and images. Claudia educates children in schools about media literacy, filmmaking and different perspectives in a way that empowers them and let them understand ‘the bigger picture’. Through her work Claudia wants to inspire and encourage other young, creative people. That’s why in some of her pictures Claudia refers to these topics.

With her photos Claudia Rison would like to “simply give people a certain feeling of comfort, a moment for themselves to dream away to a soothing, somewhat melancholic place.”

Because starting a business and trying to innovate in the education system takes a lot of energy and courage, Claudia started to visualise as she calls it “this melancholic place in my head” where she can let go of the stress and negativity that sometimes can be found in this rushing world full of technology. “When I started to inspire other people to just take a moment, to wonder, to get their head into the clouds, I noticed a lot of them were interested to have prints. So be warned: you might want to stay forever.”

Prints available soon! Please leave your name and e-mail to be notified :-)

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