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Aga Hayat


Expressive portraits inspired by everyday life.

The artist Aga Hayat was born in 1983 in Katowice, Poland, where, already early on in life, her enthusiasm for art arose. Already in her childhood she was inspired by her grandfather, an amateur painter, and by stories about her great-grandfather Ludwik Szczyrba, who dedicated his whole life to art.

During her school years, Aga started writing poems to express her emotions, but soon found that only with painting she was able to show movement, forms, colours and fully express herself. Since 1999 Aga has been specialising in painting with acrylics on canvas and has developed her technique and style ever since.

Aga’s art is inspired by everyday life and driven by the artist’s emotions. In her paintings Aga focuses on people and portrays.

Since 2005 Aga lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.
“Beside the flow of everyday life I am always able to find time for my passion.”

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