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Pit Hammann


What makes us humans unique.

Pit Hammann is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Frankfurt, creating both hand-drawn as well as digital art. Pit started creating art at a young age. “I can’t remember exactly when I started making art. Ever since, I wanted to create, preferably something beautiful. Well, beautiful from my point of view.”

On friendmade® Pit shows his “Signs” series. Each of these ‘Signs’ consists of a number of well-known, basic shapes, like lines, circles, triangles etc. Within each sign, these basic forms differ from these of any other sign, just enough to make it unique. Pit uses this as an analogy to human beings. Each human consists of well-known, basic character traits. But within each human, any of these well-known, basic character traits are more or less distinct. Just enough to make each human unique.

Pit’s inspiration? “It’s almost impossible to name everybody or everything that inspires me. I guess that anything that touches me leaves a kind of trace in my work.”

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