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Golden Drops N° 3

By Cedric Blei.

Photography with the title ‘Golden Drops N° 3’ by Cedric Blei.

Man rarely believes anything he can’t see. In this context young artist Cedric Blei created ‘Golden Drops’, a series of intense, colourful close-up photographs.

“In today’s society, interest in things that elude our rational mind seems to be diminishing and consumption is becoming more and more widespread.” – Cedric Blei

The Golden Drops series can be understood as a thought-provoking impulse not only to question our focus on the consumable, perceptible and rational, but also to go a step further and allow that what at first seems absurd and eludes our everyday logic to exist.

With this thought in mind, the Goldendrops series images remain unmanipulated by the artist. Each photo was shot in RAW format, capturing only the light and color potential that has been there from the beginning. Since these ‘colorful explosions of rain’ seem almost unnatural, this series of pictures shows us how little of reality the human eye is actually capable of seeing and how much beauty is lost in motion and fleetingness.

“If only we could look closer enough to discover fascination in the most transient moments.” – Cedric Blei

As a statement by the artist, a fourth image, Golden Trinity Drops, was created. Trinity, a cornerstone of Christianity, here stands for religion and spirituality itself, no matter its interpretation or direction.

Available as Fineart Dibond®, Framed by Nielsen®, Forex®, Framed Linen and Classic Poster.
Cedric Blei

Cedric Blei is a young German artist who creates illustrations, motion design and specialises in photography. Cedric is fascinated by…

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