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By Anjan Ghosh.

Anjan Ghosh, working and living in Kolkata, India, dives into the depths of the village life style, and “if the need be, takes a few snaps”.

One of this beautiful snaps is “Holi”.

Anjan is convinced, that festivals add color to our life and Holi festivals even more, because its name is “festival of colours”. It is easy imaginable how it smudges all souls with joy. The famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore introduced ‘Vasant Utsav’ or ‘Spring festival’ in the city Shantiniketan to recreate the magic of the joyous festival Holi. It is now an integral part of Bengali culture.

In this work he tries to capture only those moments of a village or a rural life, which would bring out the hardcore truth into light, because capturing the main essence of India through its rural and semi-urban life is what drives Anjan passion most in photography.

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Anjan Ghosh

“It is fun clicking someone you do not know. So what if you know them? You might…

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