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Inner Landscapes – Katrina 9/9

By Kim Kluge.

Inner Landscape Katrina 9/9

This work is part of artist Kim Kluge’s latest series Inner Landscapes. The expressive colour portraits contrast sharply with works from her series TRUE COLORS. The artworks are anything but concentrative or meditative. Full of movement its colours flow in a cheerful up and down, reminding us of scenes of war by suggesting the inner struggle of every human being in a search for the sunny side of life.

The bonmot of these pictures lies in their idiosyncratic material concept. In the beginning there is the classical acrylic painting technique on canvas. After completion Kim divides this original portrait into pieces, remixing the work in a both digital and analogue process. Different colour perspectives on a person emerge as a sequence of realities “… because we only ever see what we can see or what the person we encounter shows us. Since all is related, we can only ever experience a selectively perception.”

As the original painting remains hidden, the person portrayed virtually dissolves and with it Kim eliminates a layer of subjective impressions. Many new perspectives and aspects come to life and are once again raised to the level of uniqueness.

Classical painting paired with photography and print and reformulated in large format in acrylic technique.

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    Kim Kluge

    Kim Kluge has been creating art and design for as long as she can think. She finished…

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