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True Colors Abramović

By Kim Kluge.

“The deep connection to colours is what connects us.” With this device, artist Kim Kluge portrays people and their colours. True colors Abramović shows Kim’s interpretation of artist Marina Abramović. The felt used to create this work is a subject of the very topical theme ‘social warmth’.

Earthly vulnerability. Overcoming all boundaries. A game of hardness and extreme self-discipline. Sovereign and full of toughness. Behind it always the question, how far can we go? With us. With our nature. Marina Abramovic ́ radiates distance, vulnerability and hardness at the same time. Everything she does seems to be taken from the natural laws of our mother nature. Her effect is always a little distant and serious.

Portrait. Felt on Canvas. Original size 60x80cm.
Part of the series ‘True Colors 2020’ by artist Kim Kluge.

Available as Framed by HALBE and Framed by HALBE.
Kim Kluge

Kim Kluge has been creating art and design for as long as she can think. She finished…


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