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Nicholas Marsh

ABOUT Nicholas

Created on the iPad, inspired by multi-skilled artists and a car manufacturing, race driver father.

Meet Nicholas Marsh. Currently living in Brighton, UK, Nicholas was originally trained in Three Dimensional Design at North Staffordshire Polytechnic in the 1980’s. After a career in picture framing restoration he began producing artworks by using a variety of media – from oil painting lithograph to computer programming.

Nicholas’ latest works, presented here at friendmade®, are made by using the Procreate app and an Apple Pencil. “Being diagnosed with Dyslexia has always been my reason for doing practical work rather than Academic work like ceramics or painting etc.”

Impressed by their wide range of skills, Nicholas is inspired by artists David Hockney and Paul Nash. Moreover however his greatest inspiration comes from his own father. “My father was a car manufacturer and racing driver. His biggest passion, car design!”

Nicholas chooses friendmade® because he wanted to exhibit with a company run by artists: “I’ve been following friendmade® for about a year and I’m impressed with there professional approach and continuing development.” Thanks Nicholas! Great to have you!

For his future, Nicholas wishes to constantly have challenges, mastering different art techniques.



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