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Timo Meyer


Geometric shapes and punchy colours.
Often minimalist, sometimes with double meanings.

Timo Meyer is an illustrator, currently living and working in Bonn, Germany. Timo’s work is best described as bold, minimalistic, reduced and always with punchy colours. Although most of Timo’s artworks are 100% vector-based and drawn digitally, each idea starts with an old fashioned sketch on paper.

“Bringing ideas and images from inside my head onto paper or desktop, is simply a great feeling.”

Timo has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. Where at first drawing was a passionate hobby, later it became Timo’s main profession as an illustrator, working for brands and companies across Germany and beyond. 

By offering his work here at friendmade®, Timo has finally taken the step to bring his art into the homes and hearts of any art and illustration lover out there. “My illustrations as a part of someone else’s home? I couldn’t wish for more.” 

Timo’s future plans are clear: to continue to work on dream projects with inspiring clients and to develop artistically by creating new art while exploring new territories. 

Prints available soon! Please leave your name and e-mail to be notified :-)

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