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By Patricio Cataldo.

…from the design art series “Fantomatico” by Patricio Cataldo.

The basis for his very special design masterpieces are digital photographs and self-made graphics, which he has taken and created all over the world.

The aim of his exclusive”photographics” is to get the viewer to change perspective and let his imagination run wild.

This means: if you stand very close to the image, you don’t immediately see what’s behind the pixels. The further you move away from the picture, the clearer the subject becomes. The criteria for his unique design images: rich in contrast and intense colour.

What does this picture do to you? What does it say? What is that? What’s that?

“Because design has to be” – Patricio Cataldo

Available as Fineart Dibond®, Forex®, Framed Linen and Classic Poster.
Patricio Cataldo

Discover Patricio Cataldo’s unique Design-Art. Photography and Graphic Design become one and something new emerges. These authentic authentic artworks…

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