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WhO aRe YoU?

By Rene Siepmann.

This painting, produced with acrylic paint and a framed canvas questions your identity. If you ask somebody who he is, he is probably going to say his name, (which is a suitable answer) but who are they really ? Since Siepmann is extremely introverted, meeting new people face to face is pretty hard for him. This artwork is as a painting that depicts the mental status of many introverts when they meet someone new for the first time, but also asks you to question yourself every time you look at this artwork. Because knowing yourself is the major key to your happiness and self-confidence.

Available as Fineart Dibond®, Fineart Print, Framed by Nielsen®, Framed Linen and Classic Poster.
Rene Siepmann

René Siepmann lives and works in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. At the age of 14 René Siepmann bought his first…

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