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Heidi Koers


“It is very important having the feeling that you belong and are seen somewhere.”

Heidi creates embroidery art. Based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, she embroiders portraits and other figures by hand, on paper, textile or transfer paper.

Already as a little girl Heidi began discovering art. She started drawing and painting. Inspired by everything around her, life and art, she then developed a special fascination for fashion and therefore started creating art with various fabrics, techniques and textures, such as her embroidery art.

In her professional daily live Heidi started working with visual arts and design as a visual merchandiser in fashion and interior. Driven by the love of art, in 2020 Heidi’s own brand ‘P.M.K.D’ (Portret Met Klein Draad – Portrait of tiny wires) saw the light of day, where she now offers her embroidery art to the public.

Heidi chooses to be a part of friendmade® because she is aware of the difficulties she has to face as a starting entrepreneur – “I know how important it is to find the right customers and to bind them to you.” Also Heidi believes in the importance of constant developing as an artist and to be open minded for the positive review of a community. “Only then can you grow.” 

Portraits are usually painted or photographed on the wall. Heidi’s future goal is to let people look differently to embroidery. She is convinced, that with this technique you can create more drama, more emotional meaning and added value in the portraiture and “the person becomes a work of art in itself.”

Prints available soon! Please leave your name and e-mail to be notified :-)

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