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Burcin Pervin Arabaci

ABOUT Burcin

"Creating an artwork is a process that can be triggered by anything or anybody."

Burcin Pervin (1985) was born in Istanbul, Turkey, where she studied at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. After moving to Gent, she continued studying Arts at the Luca school of arts in Gent, where she just recently got her masters degrees in painting.

Burcin creates illustrations and paintings. At friendmade she offers her realistic paintings in recognisable sober color-palette, with a beautiful serenity and playfulness, originally created with oil on wood.

Burcin finds inspiration in many things in live. “Creating an artwork is always a process. A trigger for starting a piece can be anything or anybody. More often it is unclear where inspiration comes from, as overtime even the simplest things mutate and get reconstructed by the mind to form something new.”

Ever since Burcin can remember, she was drawn to the arts. “I have been drawing since I was a small child.” Burcin’s goal for the future? Continue what she loves best. Creating more beautiful art.

Prints available soon! Please leave your name and e-mail to be notified :-)

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