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Mike Burion


"Work less and take more time for just feeling free and being creative."

Meet Mike Burion. As with many of our friends, Mike’s interest in art and design started already at a young age, as he was drawing and painting his way through childhood. And also after school the creativity continued; Mike started a career in graphic-design, illustration, sound-design and sound-engineering. Fifteen years later, he returns to painting, working preferably with oil and acrylics on often handmade papers.

Mikes wish for his future is to “work less in order to have more time for feeling free and creative”. To achieve this goal, Mike keeps being inspired by various artists, such as Belgian surrealists René Magritte, Marcel Mariën, Pol Bury and Fernand Dumont, as well as by contemporary artist Johan van Mullem. 

What brings Mike to friendmade®? “I believe in the democratic decision making process combined with the independent way of working. But also the works presented at friendmade® are very diverse and inspiring.”

Prints available soon! Please leave your name and e-mail to be notified :-)

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