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Yulia Kopysova


Beyond handmade! Meet the mixed-media paintings of Yulia Kopysova.

With a background in design, branding and marketing, in 2019 Yulia Kopysova started painting and illustrating. A few months later her art is defined as a mix of watercolour painting and digital art. In her art, Yulia’s is inspired by illustrators as Charushin, Vasnetsov, Kalaushin and Konashevich, as well as by Wes Anderson, Karina Kino and Elina Ellis. 

Some of Yulia’s previous design projects, such as ‘two calendars’, received awards in Russia and Germany. Yulia’s goal for the future is to become a ‘full time’ artist one day. Since July 2020, Yulia is a proud friendmade® friend. “I am convinced that the concept is great for both sharing my own way of making art, as well as for being able to see and review the way of making art by other participants.”

Yulia is settled in Lausanne, Switzerland and originally from Moscow, Russia.

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